Treatment/cure for Mouth Ulcers

 Soak cotton swab with Cider Vinegar and press gently on the ulcer. May sting for a few seconds, but instant pain relief, and swelling and inflamation disappears immediately.

Dab some Bi Carb Soda onto the ulcer. Again, it will sting, but you get relief.

Cure for Heaviness or bloating

Chew on a handful of Jeera (Cumin Seeds). Drink 1 glass of very warm to hot water.

Quick relief for colds

Boil some tulsi leaves (Holy Basil, in Western World), few cloves, a small piece of ginger (both crushed) and few black pepper corns in water till the mixture becomes dark brown. Add little honey and sip it piping hot.

The juice of half a lemon added to this gives quick relief from colds.